About the Host
Dee Andrew has been an avid UFO researcher for over forty five years. Her personal journey as a UFO researcher began at age ten when she came across the book, “Flying Saucers-Serious Business” by Frank Edwards at the school library.

As a voracious reader, she has amassed a huge collection of UFO related books and material. Mrs. Andrew has researched and collected so much information on such a wide range of cases she is considered by many to be a qualified ufology historian as well as an expert on the Roswell incident.

UFO sightings are nothing new to her because she has had several sighting experiences of her own. She has been interviewed for a local television news story on UFO’s and was featured in an interview in UFO Magazine. Having published several online articles, her research and her efforts with the Eye to the Sky radio program have led to many of the top researchers in ufology being familiar with her work and her name.

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